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What creates the difference of success in the lives of two people with the same education?

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The best education in the world doesn’t guarantee you success or results in life. Why is this?

When you create a dream or goal, it is not a representation of the life you are living now – it is an aspect of your life as you want it to be. In school, we are taught the way things are, which can be very useful. But we are not taught effectively how to create the way we want things to be by our own choice.

This is called Success Education, and it is vital as anything you’ll ever learn in a classroom. It is the skill of creating into reality the experiences you want in your life. Pathway is a proven, results-oriented course for developing the faculties of the mind to the point that you can get anything you want, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of other. It is the missing piece to the puzzle for creating a purposeful, contented and successful life.

Traditional education is only part of the solution. What you don’t learn in class is how to create exactly the way you want your life to be.


Pathway is a proven, effective Success Education course, a community and a lifestyle. It is a step-by-step journey for developing the primary faculties of your mind: reason, memory, perception, will, intuition and imagination. These are the engine of human creation. Awareness and mastery of these and other proprietary concepts provides new access to powers of universal creative laws. This is a key to living a fulfilling, productive life. You will learn how to become a successful person in any aspect of life you choose.

Pathway is specifically designed to help you produce tangible results in the real world in the shortest possible amount of time. For the forward-thinking individual, this is vitally important information. It’s the difference-maker in getting the results you want out of life.


The Master of Destinies (MOD) course is available as a 90-Day online course. This program includes over 12 hours of video and 30 hours of audio instruction, as well as over 600 pages of unique Success Education concepts and content in written Guidebook form, and the Pathway ‘My Journal’.

A student assumes a daily time commitment of 20 – 30 minutes, in addition to Journaling, self-contemplation and practical exercises.

These are the Faculties of the Mind. When you develop these, evidence that you have done so shows up in your results.


You can expect to become more aware and in control of any area of your life. You’ll have enhanced self-awareness, sharpened perception and clearer distinctions of why things are the way they are. You’ll see a vibrant picture of your future while you go about changing your present experiences. You’ll develop mental stamina, toughness and flexibility. You’ll learn what it means to be on purpose and how to make decisions to move your life in a better direction. You’ll feel more positive and optimistic. Most importantly, you’ll open your mind to untapped reservoirs of intuition, imagination and creativity that literally attracts and manifests new experiences into your life.

How does this happen? It comes by learning and utilizing proprietary Success Education Principles, taking calculated risks, studying successful people and conducting your own life in a new context. It happens by creating and attaining the goals held steadfastly in your mind.

Your career, family and business flourishes. You relate better to others and earn their respect. It’s an exciting and effective new way to live.

If you want to get results and create a future by your own design, for yourself and others, this is the place to do it.

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